Rain and Learning in the Desert


I was in the desert, surrounded by towering saguaro and cholla cactus. I was in the desert, but I couldn’t feel my fingers. Rain ran off the hood of my jacket and into the face of my unconscious patient. As I treated him and tried to discern the nature of his injury, my hands shook […]

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Who I am as a Mentor – Adam Young


I recently attended a Mentor Facilitation Training workshop hosted by Boys to Men Phoenix with two wonderful trainers, Kevin and Michael, from Boys to Men Hawaii. I had a feeling that it was going to be an intense weekend of training as soon as  I read through the materials that they had asked us to […]

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March Rites of Passage Adventure Weekend – Openings for boys and mentors.

A young man stands in the center of a circle of 45 other men and boys, all silent, all intent. He tells the man standing with him, “I can never measure up to my older brother.” Or he says, “My mother’s boyfriend hits her and I get so angry that I get in fights at […]

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A promotion at Boys to Men

Tom and Courtney

As this year comes to a close we are happy to bring Tom’s gifts to bear in his new position as Director of Operations. His duties will include continuing the development of all of Boys to Men’s program, creating amazing opportunities for men and young men to to grow and learn from each other, as well […]

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Check Out Our Report Card – 2016 Annual Report

We are pleased to announce the release of our annual report. It is a relatively comprehensive look at what we accomplished in 2016 with your help.  Give it a quick read to see quotes from boys, to get a sense of the scope of the program and for a sneak peek at what we plan […]

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Renewed Board Leadership for 2017


Boys to Men Mentoring Network, North Central AZ  is pleased to announce that Chester “Chip”   McLaughlin, J.D., has been elected Board President. Chip has been a mentor for Boys to Men since 2010, is a founding Board Member, having served since the beginning of the local chapter. Mr. McLaughlin has been practicing law in […]

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Mentoring without Meaning To


Happy Mentor Monday from Charles Matheus, Executive Director of Boys to Men. “My most influential mentor probably didn’t even know he was mentoring me. David Lash, my HS art teacher, passed his values onto me and lifted me up in a way that was almost impersonal. “I was a fatherless kid after my dad died […]

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A Look Back at Fall


Fall was an amazing season for Boys to Men. Here is a look at some of the mentoring and adventure that took place: JGroups (bi-weekly events based on brotherhood and fun): We had some awesome JGroups this fall, including the ever-popular event where everybody learns just how difficult of a game bowling REALLY is. We […]

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Boys to Men USA – Boys to Men Northern AZ Partnership


Almost 20 years ago, inspired men in San Diego realized that the kids in their neighborhood needed more support if they were going to grow into healthy men. These committed volunteers raised money, made plans, refined their approach and eventually created a modern rite of passage and long-term group mentoring program that meets the needs […]

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2016 Boys to Men USA Summit – Tucson – October 20 – 23

The 2nd Annual BTM USA Summit will take place in beautiful Tucson, Arizona this October. We are so lucky to have it in our backyard this year. WHEN: Thu, Oct 20, 6pm to Sun, Oct 23, 11am REGISTRATION REQUIRED BY SEP 20 WHERE: Lodge on the Desert, Tucson, AZ The Summit will be a unique opportunity to connect men […]

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